Letter S Molecule Logo


This logo is made up of letter s molecules which is an electrically neutral group of two or more atoms held together by chemical bonds. Molecules are distinguished from ions by their lack of electrical charge. This logo is best if the name of your business or brand starts with letter s. The name " SYNAFIX" in the logo is temporarily placed and will be replaced with your business or personal name. We provide free logo customization if you buy this logo from our website.

  • Group, Connection
  • Molecules
  • Letter S
  • Best for Bio Technology
  • Best for Technology
  • Best for Medical and Pharmaceutical

What file formats do you get ?

This logo is available to download in (.ai), (.eps) and .PNG format


The (.ai) stands for Adobe Illustrator a logo maker app source file (.ai). This file type can be opened in Adobe Illustrator a vector editing software application mostly used by printers, web and graphic design agencies. 


The (.eps) stands for Encapsulated PostScript. An (.eps) file can be opened in logo maker software program such as Adobe Illustrator, Freehand, or CorelDRAW. These programs are also used by the printers, web and graphic design agencies.


Portable Network Graphics is a raster-graphics file.

File size


325 PX 


260 PX



1. How do I receive logo files?

There are two delivery points you will receive your logo files;

At check-out: A download link is displayed on your checkout page, then you will see a download now link on the order confirmation page.

By Email: You get an email with a download link. Learn more about our digital distribution policy aka shipping policy. Click here

2. How long does it take to receive logo files?

Logo design source file are ready to download (or delivered) typically within a matter of few minutes soon after the order is confirmed and payment is received by 44Logos.

3. What type of source (logo) files do I receive?

You get editable vector files (*.ai or *.eps) – In addition to *.AI and *.EPS you will receive *.PNG, and *.JPEG in zip folder.

4. What file types can I open and how?

You can only open and view a *.PNG, and *.JPEG file. The editable vector files you receive (*.ai or *.eps) are developed specifically to be edited and viewed in programs specific to design, such as Adobe Illustrator. You will not be able to open (*.ai or *.eps) files if you are not a designer and have the Adobe Illustrator program installed in your computer.

5. Can I customize logo online?

You can get your logo customized by email only after you have purchased source files from 44Logos website. 44Logos does not provide any online customization tool. Send us your logo files you received from 44Logos by email at info@44logos.com

6. How do I customize logo??

To customize the text and color of the logo to match your company name, send us your logo files you received from 44Logos by email at: info@44logos.com

7. What can be customized?

There are certain scope and conditions for logo customization at 44Logos.

Scope: Only name and color of the logo.

Condition: To customize a logo you must first buy a logo form 44Logos website.

8. How long does it take to have a logo customized?

You will get your customized logo within 24 hours! Due to workload, there may be times when aren’t able to do this, but if your logo hasn’t been customized within 72 hours of email please contact us on: info@44logos.com

9.Are there any extra charges for logo customization?

Its free. 44Logos provides free of cost logo customization. You must first buy a logo from 44Logos website and email logo files.

10. What is logo files size?

JPEG or PNG files, sized at 325 x 260 pixels, 72 dpi.

11. Do you provide trademark registration of the logo ?

The ownership of the intellectual property is automatically transferred to buyer when a logo is sold at 44Logos. However, 44Logos does not copyright the new design on your behalf. Learn more about copyright information Click here

12. What payment methods can i use?

Credit Card or PayPal

13. Is my purchase on 44Logos secure?

Paying at 44Logos is 100% secure. We have world’s most popular and secure payment methods and gateways.

14. I have purchased a logo. What's next ?

Now you have purchased your best logo from 44Logos, you would need collateral, website, brochures and letterheads custom-designed to meet your needs. You can easily find a designer. Please handover these files to designer or take your files to a printer for stationary, t-shirt and mug printing.

To edit or customize this logo, you must first buy and get logo files.
Then send logo files attachment by email at info@44logos.com

44Logos will customize your logo within 72 hours after receiving your request. Please note that the customization or edit scope is only limited to change of name and color.