44Logos DOWNLOAD (Shipping) Policy)

44Logos is an online logo design business which sells logo maker software files online usually Adobe Illustrator AI, EPS, PNG, JPEG, PDF and SVG file types. It may be differentiated form physical products in that the online store ships the purchaser the physical product through courier. 44Logos uses the specialist network known as digital download app (or content delivery networks) that helps deliver product online by ensuring both high availability and high performance.

Digital Distribution:

44Logos maker products fall under the digital distribution. Digital distribution is the delivery or distribution of logo design software source files (more commonly known as downloadable content). 44Logos uses online delivery medium, such as;

Download on the checkout page

44Logos maker display download link on customer’s checkout page, then the customer sees a download now link on the order confirmation page.

Download link in the email

The customer also receives an email with the ability to download the file. When selling a digital download, 44Logos maker store will send an email with a download link to a customer.

Delivery Processing Time:

Logo design source file are ready to download or (delivered) typically within a matter of few minutes soon after the order is confirmed and payment is received by 44Logos.


All digital orders are non-refundable.