44Logos Copy Right Information 

"44Logos", "44Logos.com" and the 44Logos logo are trademarks of 44Logos 

Logos offered for sale 

When a sale occurs the copyright transfers automatically to the buyer. Unless you purchase a logo, you may not, for any reason, copy a logo from 44Logos. The logos offered for sale on 44Logos are not templates, not public domain and not free.  

Copyright transfer 

In the event of a sale the copyright to the sold logo transfers automatically to the buyer. We may not continue to use the logo and may not continue to offer it for sale. 44Logos automatically marks the logo as "Sold" and disables the order form as soon as a transaction completes. It is possible for a buyer to initiate a purchase while another buyer is in the process of submitting an order for the same logo. In the event that we receive more than one order for the same logo, 44Logos will determine which transaction was completed first. Copyright transfers to the first.